Getting to know the different types of balloons

Balloons to be used

The manufacturers

Where to buy them

Let them last longer

Here are the main points concerning balloon sculpting :
  Balloons to be used : 260, 160, 350 as well as hearts, blossoms and donuts
  The manufacturers : Qualatex, Granger, Tilly and Prestige
  Where to buy them : the possible shops
  Let them last longer : all king of information in order to safely keep your balloons


Balloons to be used

Most sculptures are created using 260 balloons (2 inches in diameter and 60 inches in length). This is the standard balloon for twisting but 160 and 350 (respectively 1 and 3 inches in diameter) can fit exactly your needs on a given sculpture. It is sometimes useful to have the extra-length of the 160 or to make "big" sculptures with the 350. Try them, you won't regret it.

160, 260 et 350
160, 350 and 260

Other types of balloons can help you make beautiful creations.
First of all, the standard round balloons can make realistic eyes. But also hearts for heads or donuts and blossoms just to add to your bouquets. We recommend 6-inch balloons because they can easily be added to sculptures based on 260.


The manufacturers
In order to separate different manufacturers, the first letter of the manufacturer is usually added to the type of balloons. This way, 260s made by Qualatex are called 260Q.

       Qualatex is by far the world's first manufacturer of latex balloons. These are the easiest to find and that's great since there balloons are resistant and with an important color range.

standard 160Q assortment

standard 260Q assortment

       Granger is another manufacturer with nice pastel colors. The balloons we had from them were slightly less resistant but this might only be a bad experience. The 260G are pleasant to twist and we liked the extra length (compared with 260Q).

       Tilly and Prestige are two other manufacturers. Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to test their balloons yet.


Where to buy them
Numerous shops have 100 balloon bags, most of them also provide circus items as well. If you are in a small town, have a look in the shops proposing decorations for weddings, they usually sell balloons or can order them for you. Note that Qualatex doesn't sell to people directly, you'll have to find your local distributor.

There are also a few online shops which remains a good solution even with the post charges. MultiHobbies is currently looking for a partner.


Let them last longer
You might quickly become a balloon addicted person. You will then decide to order lots of balloons at the same time but keep in mind that there are a few rules to keep your balloons resistant and colorful.

Latex balloons don't like heat and light. To have them last longer, keep them in a fresh place and in a box. Quite a few entertainers freeze a large number of balloon bags with no problems. Just let them come back to room temperature. But keeping them in a box at room temperature should be okay for several months.

Do not forget to take care of the balloons. Do not stuff them in your pockets with a marker and a pair of cisors. Try to keep them in large pockets, one pocket for each color can be useful if you are often looking for a specific color.