Our book selection


Here is the selection of books on balloon sculpting.

Go to your local shops to find the one that better suits your level. But you can also click on the covers below to have some comments from online shop customers.

This is the best book to learn balloon sculpting!

Not only will you find easy-to-follow drawings, but you'll also quickly create multiple balloon sculptures.

Note that a second book exists "big book of Holiday balloon art" if you need some more sculptures.

Two great books written by Marvin Hardy.

Might not be the best book for beginners but the black & white photos will help you to create the sculptures. There are basic sculptures as well as new techniques which will help you become a great ballooner.

You love Disney's characters?  Then this book is for you!

The balloon techniques are quickly explained before making big sculptures of well known characters.

Instead of writing text instructions, the author preferred to use lots of color photos with only a short comment (English + Italian).