Make your own balloon sculptures

Different types of twists



Different kind of twists

The techniques presented here are based on photos of several sculptures available in the "simple sculptures" section. 
Do not hesitate to go and try these sculptures since they also are ordered depending on their level of difficulty.

direct access to those twists :

lock twist pop twist
loop twist tulip twist
ear twist hook twist
3 bubble body "S" twist

Lock twist
The lock twist is the only twist needed to make a dog, the elephant's legs are also a good example.
You need to make 3 bubbles by pinching and twisting them one after the other. Then "lock" the last two bubbles by twisting them together

3 bubbles

bubble 2 and 3 on top

twist and lock bubbles 2 and 3

Loop twist
The loop twist is not that different from the lock twist.
This time you don't make 3 bubbles but only 2. The second bubble will be twisted in place as you can see on the following pictures. In this example, the loop is especially big but it can be smaller.

twist a bubble

then make a loop

and twist this loop

Ear twist
This is simply a tiny loop twist. It is often used to make.... ears!
Make a small bubble (1 inch for instance) not too much inflated so that you can twist it..

slightly pull the bubble

and twist

here is the ear

3 bubble body
The 3 bubble body will give volume to your creation such as the pig's body below.
Why 3 bubbles? Well, because you can then go on with the sculpture and make the legs of the pig.

3 bubbles in a row

lock twist the first two

and push the third in between

push hard!

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