Make your own balloon sculptures (part two)

Different types of twists



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Pop twist
This is the best way to separate a balloon in several parts. Especially useful to make legs and arms to one-balloon sculptures.
So get rid of your scissors!! Make 1 "knot" + 1 bubble + 1 "knot" and pop up the bubble. The "knots" keep both parts inflated when the bubble pops.
The difficult point is to split the ear twist so as to make the so-called "knots".

here are all the required bubbles
arm, ear twist, middle bubble, ear, arm

first one arm and one ear twist

hold the ear bubble like this

and twist so as to split the ear

here is the expected result

the middle bubble and another ear

lock the arms

blow up the mibble bubble

here are the two arms

Tulip twist
The tulip twist is created as you start one sculpture.
Tie the knot of the balloon and push the knot inside the balloon. Then pinch the balloon taking great care of grabbing the knot and twist. The knot will remain in the right part of the balloon as long as you don't release the bubble.

hold the balloon like this

push the knot inside the balloon

pinch, grab the knot with the right hand
and twist

 Hook or "S" twists
These twists will help you realize curved bubbles.
Make a long tulip twist but take out your finger while bending the bubble.

push the nozzle deep inside

pinch, grab the knot and twist

take out your finger

like this!!

here is the final result

For the "S" twist, make a long long tulip and change direction when taking out your finger.



You will quickly realize that the techniques are easy but the art of sculpting is proportions.
First you have to decide how much balloon must be kept un-inflated, and then each bubble size must be carefully chosen.
       Some general points to help :
Estimate the sculpture complexity : the more bubbles, the less inflated must be the balloon
Try again! Your sculpture might not be nice at first but it is usually worth trying again
Take notes. It takes only a few minutes now and will save you hours a few months later...
Practice! The only way to master balloon sculpting

It is like a game so enjoy!

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