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Most photos have a few comments but you will soon learn how to make a sculpture at first glance.

Do not miss the simple and advanced sculptures with hundreds of photos.

2dauphins_75.JPG (35242 bytes) dauphin_75.JPG (32161 bytes)

The dolphins

They require 3 balloons, the flippers are simple lock twists but with one bubble smaller than the other.
Detailed instructions will soon be added to MultiHobbies.

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The praying mantis

Genuine instructions can be found on Garry Gardner's site. Go and learn beautiful sculptures.

singe_75.jpg (20740 bytes)

The monkey

This monkey has a nice head.

tigre.jpg (9954 bytes)

The tiger

This tiger has multiple ear twists : lips, ears, nose and mouth.
A few lines with a black marker and it becomes a nice tiger.

The pumpkin

It is created from 4 oranges, each time fully inflated and with the extremities tied together. You then have to make 2 bubbles by turning half of the balloon on itself.

All the balloons are combined together forming the 8 sides of the pumpkin. A remaining un-inflated bit of  260 orange is used to make the top and bottom come closer (have a look in the inside/center), thus making the pumpkin shape.