The bear


One of the difficulties is to make several bubbles at first.
Remember there will be 7 bubbles, magic number!

1 nose + 1 bubble + 1 cheek + 1 ear + 1 head + 1 ear + 1 cheek = 7 bubbles
The second bubble will be behind the head, keeping the head steady.
Make the bubbles one after the other, always twisting the same way so that the bubbles stay twisted (such as the 3 on top)
Now twist the bubbles together. 
As shown here, twist bubble 2 with the last bubble.
Then push the nose inside the newly formed loop.
Make the ears with ear twist !!
So take the bubble...
...and twist/turn it on itself... is id
Once the two ears are done, the head is fully finished.
Make the paws as you want (see previous sculptures if necessary)
Here we tied the bear on a flower by simply making loop twists.
If you prefer, the legs can be simple lock twists.

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