The big fish


1 small round balloon (5 or 6 inch)
1 260 and a spared part of a 260  - keep unused bits of 260s!! -

First blow up and tie the 260.
Then the round balloon. (Do not fully inflate the round balloon because the 260 might not then be long enough). Tie the round balloon WITH the 260 together as shown here.
This way the balloons are tied together and it will be easier for you to go on with the sculpture.
Estimate the length before making the lips of the fish.
Pull enough on the 260 to later prevent the round balloon from moving inside the 260.
Make 2 ear twists for the lips.
And finish turning around the round balloon.
Twist the final bubble in order to finish the fish.
If one fin is much longer, un-inflate it before making another tying a knot again!
Do not fully inflate the 260 bit so as to be able to create two separate bubbles.
Put the eyes in place, and draw whatever you want to make the fish even more realistic.


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