The dog


Le chien

Inflate the 260 but not fully, leave a few inches that will be filled as you twist the bubbles.
Pinch and twist, here is your first bubble!
Twist a few turns before making others.
Here are 3 bubbles that will be "tied".
Bring bubbles 2 and 3 closer...
... and twist those two bubbles together.
A few turns are enough and you have finished the dog's ears (called a lock twist)
Leave a bubble as a neck and make another lock twist for the paws.
here they are!
Then again a lock twist.
Here is the common dog. You only need lock twists!
But since we want a sitting dog, undo the last lock twist and make a big loop twist.
This loop must be large enough to put the forelegs inside.
Le chien Here is our nice little dog

Vary the size of the bubbles to make other animals.
For instance a long neck bubble will make a nice giraffe.

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