The dolphin


The dolphin is not that complicated.
It is a beautiful sculpture needing only 3 260 balloons : 2 blue balloons and a white one
Blow up one of the blue balloon.
Blow up the second one, then the white one and tie them together
You are now ready to start sculpting
Twist the first bubble that will become the dolphin's nose.
Lock this bubble with the other two
You should get something like this!
The head is simple : pinch and twist as usual!!..... but this time using the 3 balloons at a time
The head now clearly appears
The fins are simple lock twists but with 2 bubbles with different size.
Use the balloon you want, the goal after the 3 fins is to have :
   1) the blue balloons long enough to create the body
   2) one of the blue balloon long enough for the last fin
Here the lock twist is finished
Same thing for the other fins : a big and a small bubble tied/locked together
2 are now done
And the last one choosing the better blue balloon to respect the previous rules
Now it's over!!
Here is how to have a steady head, it's up to you to leave the curve of the head if you prefer.
Make an ear twist from a two-inch bubble
Now the head is not pointing downward
As you can see here, the goals were not achieved!!!
The longest balloon is too short to finish the last fin. Some more work has to be done.
Finish the body by twisting again the 3 balloons together.
If it is possible to finish the last fin with only one balloon ( bubble + ear twist + bubble + ear twist + bubble), then remove the remaining part of the other balloon.
If the longest balloon is to short :
-> use the longest for : bubble + ear twist + bubble
-> use the shortest for : ear twist + bubble
First tie the balloons together
Remove the remaining parts
And twist the missing ear twist.
We finally get the right fin.
It would have been much easier to have a blue balloon long enough to make those 5 bubbles!!
Make a big enough bubble to end the fin
Something like this
Pinch, cut, tie and remove the rest of the white balloon
Push the bubble inside the fin
You should get something like this
Her is the dolphin's belly
But you will prefer the dolphin this way


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