The flower


This flower is the opportunity to learn how to combine multiple balloons.

Fully blow up one 260, but let some air go out of the balloon in order to soften it.
Tie a knot so that the balloon becomes a large loop.
Bring this knot close to the center of the loop.
And twist to make two equal new loops. 
Now bring the two loops together. (You can note if one is bigger!).
Then bring the knot close to the center of the two loops.
Here the knot is right under the right hand's thumb.
Then twist again, using both hands, and make 4 loops this way.
Note that once you've twisted, you'll have two loops in each hands.
Here is the final expected result of loop divisions.
Same job for a second 260 balloon.
Now combine the two balloons as well as you can.
It might be a hard time if the balloons where too much inflated
Okay, now everything becomes easy
The stem is a simple task : one loop as the first feather ...
... then a second feather ...
The stem is already over, just form a bubble at the top of the stem ...
... like this ...
... in order to place it between the petals
This was rather a long sculpture but the result is worth it, don't you think?
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