Sculptures for advanced ballooners


You've reached the heart of "Marvelous balloons".

Chose the sculpture you want to make and follow the numerous photos and instructions. We advise you to first try the simple sculptures. If some techniques seem difficult then also have a look at the "base knowledge" section.

Click on the sculpture you want to learn step by step

The snake

The snake is very easy once you can make the body. Children love it!

The dolphin

3 balloons are needed for the dolphin but it is not such a complicated sculpture. 
It is made of various standard twists except the twist with 3 balloons at the same time which is not a complicated one.

Le grand poisson The big fish

This is an easy fish to make.
A good example of combining a 260, a standard balloon and the remaining part of a 260 to make the eyes.

Le petit poisson The small fish

A bit more complicated but ideal on a fishing rod (a fully inflated 260).

La fleur The flower

Here is a nice 3-balloon flower which will help you learn how to combine several balloons together.

L'homme The colorful man

A nice example of a heart and a 350 for respectively the head and the body.