The man


With some practice, hearts can help you realize rather big realistic heads.
Take a 6-inch heart and inflate it but stop before it does become a heart.

But first prepare the eyes with a left bit of a white balloon.
You can already make the two bubbles but you have to make the rest of the head now.
Try to form a bubble with one side of the heart.
Use your second hand to twist that bubble.
Yes, you've just made the nose.
Here is the result, do not forget to hold the nose.
Now put the eyes around the nose so that everything will stay in place
Once you draw the eyes, the head is over
A few instructions about the man :
    - the body is a 3 bubble body made from a 350. Don't forget the neck.
    - arms and legs are 260s ended with lock twists
    - the bow tie is simply made with 2 big loop twists


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