The monkey


Here we have used a 160 but a 260 is also Okay for the monkey. Your monkey will not have a long tail.
Start with a small bubble for the nose

Then make this : ear twist + small bubble + ear twist
Use one hand to maintain the nose and the rest of the balloon (here the left hand).
Use the other hand to grasp the 3 bubbles you've just made and turn/twist them
Here is the result : the monkey head
Now let's start the difficult part... the arms
Read that : leave a bubble for the neck, make a long bubble for one arm, a small soft bubble for one hand, another small bubble which will be removed later, another small soft bubble for the other hand and finally a long bubble for the second arm. That's over now!!!
You don't have to make them all right now, you'll make them step by step...
So first leave a short neck and make a long bubble followed with a soft ear twist
You now have to divide this ear twist into 2 equal bubbles.
Hold the two parts as shown on the photo
Now turn hands opposite ways so that you split the ear twist bubble into 2 parts.
Yes! you can do it if the ear twist bubble is soft enough
(you can let the neck and the arm form only one bubble, you'll twist it again later)
The expected result is here!!!!!
Turn again those tiny bubbles together one or twice (I mean both at the same time) and you've made a great tie
Make the central bubble
and make again that soft ear twist and split it again.
You then have to make the second arm and lock it at the base of the neck
Once the arms are locked together, you should expect to have a monkey like this one
Leave a bubble for the monkey body and make again the same combination as for the arms
Now use whatever you want to pop the two central bubbles
And the arms are now free and should stay inflated
Here is the final result!!!


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