The pig


What's new here?
-- the tulip bubble for a realistic pig nose and the 3 bubble body

Put your finger inside the balloon and push the knot inside as far as possible. The goal is then to pinch and hold the knot from the outside with the right hand. The knot will then be held in the second bubble (the rest of the balloon right now)
Once the knot is held, you can remove your finger from the inside of the balloon.
Here is the result. It will stay like that as long as the knot is still in the right bubble
Now do exactly as for the teddy bear : form 7 bubbles for the pig's head and lock the second one with the last bubble and put the nose inside the newly formed loop
... ear twits the ears!
And here is the pig's head finished, front view
rear view
Small neck, 2 bubbles with a lock twist for the legs
and here is a pig coming your way
To have a body with some volume, make the 3 bubble body.
So form 3 bubbles, leaving enough balloon for the remaining legs
Lock twist the first 2 bubbles
And push the remaining bubble in between...
... like this
and you then only have to finish with the 2 legs in order to get a real nice pig


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