The rhinoceros


The rhino is quite difficult but you'll learn the hook twist.
Did I tell you it was difficult?

As for the tulip twist, push the knot as far as you can using one finger
And make a bubble, holding the knot as you twist (on this photo the knot is in the left bubble)
The hook twist is obtain by removing your finger as shown on the photo
Here is the hook!!
Now the complicated stuff is this :
Don't release the knot if you want to keep the hook!!!!

Make a 3 bubble body but the first bubble is not a bubble (only a un-inflated balloon part)
So HOLD the hook and form a lock twist with the 2 bubbles after the un-inflated part...
... pull the hook to the front of the head...
... pull as far as possible and push the hook in between the 2 bubbles. The un-inflated balloon is hidden in between the 2 bubbles.
All this is difficult because it has to be done as you keep the hook.
Good luck!!
Now form an ear twist
Then a second one
And finish as for the dog balloon.
The head is complicated but it does look as a rhino. A standard 3 bubble body for the head makes a much too big head


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