The snake


Only two balloons are needed. You don't have to use the same color at all!
Let's start with the head. No need to inflate a lot since the remaining par will be the long tong
A standard loop twist which will be the upper lip
Now two rather big ear twists to create both eyes
Now make the other lip with all the remaining inflated balloon. This is again a standard loop twist
Here is the head. You can notice the tong going in between the lips
No remaining doubt when the eyes are drawn
If you want to make a curved body, first inflate and le all the air go out. This will make the next step easier because the latex is then softer
Roll the balloon around your fingers
Now the difficult part is to inflate again the balloon by forcing it to turn around your fingers
The balloon then keeps this shape
Now fix the body on the head using the knot
Side view
And zoom in
other possibilities :
- using different colors
- make the lips on the "body balloon" and, with a different color, the eyes and the tong. It is really nice as well!


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