Balloon sculpting easy to learn


You've reached the heart of "Marvelous balloons".

Chose the sculpture you want to make and follow the numerous photos and instructions. If some techniques seem difficult then have a look at the "base knowledge" section

Click on the sculpture you want to learn step by step

Le chien The dog

The first sculpture people usually try.
It is a sitting dog but the detailed instructions will let you learn the standing dog as well (similar to the elephant position below).

L'éléphant The elephant 

This is a nice one-balloon elephant.
It shows you how the basic dog sculpture can be easily adapted into other animals.

Le singe The monkey

This time a 160 balloon is used and the remaining length makes a nice tail.
You'll learn how to make the "pinch and pop" twist in order to create the arms and legs.

L'ourson The bear

You'll love this teddy bear. Hook it on something or put a heart between its legs.
Unfortunately, the photo is not that great!!

Le cochon The pig

The tulip twists as well as the 3 bubble body are the two new twists you'll learn here.

Le rhinocéros The rhino

The first hook twist is the only difficulty of this sculpture.

Les Barbapapas The Barbapapas

Fed up with all these 260s?
These sculptures only require one heart balloon and less than 30 seconds.
Isn't it easy to master balloon sculpting?