A few salt dough creations


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The dresser

A nice example of dresser that can decorate on a kitchen wall.

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The clown

To decorate  children's bedrooms.

The lion

Nice mane for this lion than can be fixed on a magnet.

The frog

To decorate a X-mas tree for example.

The snowman

The sweeper is created with a toothpick and some small strings. The body is reinforced with aluminum. It avoids having a dough too thick that wouldn't cook.
The carrot nose is also reinforced with a toothpick.

The elephant

The dough  is colored with cocoa powder.
2 pepper seeds are used for the eyes.

The pink elephant

Made from an aluminum structure. Add a few rope strings for the elephant tail.

The tropical bird

The dough are colored with oil painting.

The snowman for candles

This snowman is empty!! It was made by applying the dough, less than one centimeter, on a plastic bag full of rice (the body and the head). Once it had dried (in the air), a hole was made in the bag so as to release all the rice and gently remove the plastic bag.
The carrot nose stays in place thanks to another toothpick!

Shining snowmen

A few holes, moon or round shapes, were made in the dough before it dried. Candles can then be put inside but be careful to make a big enough hole in the hats (candles DO heat a lot and can burn the dough easily).

Exposition of snowmen