The Witch


As for the clown, the witch begins with one head, the body and the legs on a long toothpick (it will become the sweeper)

The round head is fixed on the body and reinforced with a toothpick, the legs as well.

The dress is made from a flatten part of dough (with a rolling pin). The printing pattern is done with a part of lace that we apply on the dough with the rolling pin.
The bottom of the dress can be waved. The waves can be supported by aluminum 
The hair is created with dough pressed with the garlic masher.
Then the hat is added.

The arm and the sleeve are made apart and then pasted on the dress by wetting the body. 

The scarf is done in two parts. It avoids to pass the scarf under the neck!
The clogs are fixed on the legs reinforced with toothpicks
After one hour at 75 and about 4 hours at 100 in the oven, the witch is cooked and ready for painting.