Tips and tricks

Basic techniques
    Tools helping making salt dough objects:
  • toothpicks _(long and short ones)

  • iron wire

  • kitchen knife

  • rolling pin

  • aluminum paper

  • cooking paper

  • garlic tool

  • and many others!


Before making anything, everything should be ready! It might be too late when your hands will be in the dough.

On a clean table, the dough will be wrapped inside a plastic paper, a glass of water will help to stick together two separate parts and all the tools needed should be ready.

Do not wear your best clothes!!

Flat objects :

Flat objects are the easiest to make. The thicker your creation will be and the more complicated it will dry or be cooked.

Work with layers. The clown was started with the body, legs, arms and legs. He was then dressed with a trouser, a vest and a hat. The shoes and the bow tie were then added. The buttons, pockets were finally added.

Standing objects:

To create the volume without using only dough, some aluminum paper was used as a basic structure and the dough was put onto it. The objects can be easily cooked and keep their original shape.

Here the snowman body is filled with aluminum paper (not the head) and the head was fixed using a toothpick. The arms and hat are only made with salt dough.